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Just as we were spending time reflecting on the Berry video, I saw something that made me think of a poem. I guess I might as well leave my sweaty fingerprints all over this empty dialogue board first! :p  

The Eagle and the Helicopter

the heart cannot abide in this


my brother is so beautiful

the first words stitched into each feather

the great eyes that see hard

a hardness that unknowingly challenges our great aspirations to divinity


over the tree that cradles my brother

a helicopter blazes by

sacred silence is crowded out by our dumb proclamation of superiority


and beneath this trumpet, a slow beat:

I need none of your beauty. You do not complete me.


(and even further beneath, the quietest chord

in a tiny room barred against all darkness

and all light:

I want to be whole.)



I do not know if you will be the one

who teaches us

but I listen all the same

in your eyes i hear the answer

in the beating of my own blood:

your heart/my heart

your heart/my heart

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2 responses to “The Eagle and the Helicopter”

  1. robpollock57 says:

    Thank you for posting this beautiful piece Clare. I have been, alas, too often a passenger in the helicopter. I am grateful to the eagle, under whose watchful eye, I have also been. And I have have been given the grace, on occasion, to listen.

    Peace… Rob

  2. clarity says:

    @robpollock57 Thanks, Rob! We missed you today, hope you feel better.

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