Dear Friends,

Good to meet you today - I hope these days will be illuminating and fruitful for all of us.

Tomorrow we will finish our introduction to the Creation Masters Berry and Merton and identify the significant features of their teaching. Then we will begin our consideration of Merton's examination of the spiritual roots of our present planetary crisis.

For those in the MDiv program, and the Certificate program, please be reading some of the Merton essays noted as assigned. 1) Day of a Stranger 2) Ecological Conscience 3) Hagia Sophia

Auditors please read as much as you can to stay in the conversation.

Also begin or continue Berry's Great Work; auditors can read the abridged version from the Teilhard series.

Be thinking about your own "eco-biography" and if you are in either the MDiv or Certificate programs, please have a paper to submit by Thursday. It is my understanding that we need to have some assignments completed before the course ends.

Sorry for the lateness of this memo; I got lost on campus after searching for some food! Blessings Kathleen

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